Awesome is A State of Mind

Hello lovelies! I'm here with you today to share an art journal page I have created with the new collection "Alice in Candyland" designed by the talented Olga Heldwein.

I had so much fun creating this colourful page. I layered lots of papers that I had created with my 13@rts paint during a gel press session and then I tore up pieces and used them to create my background.

The "Alice in Candyland" collection comes with lots of fun cut outs like this little hopping bunny guy. I just couldn't resist using him as a feature in my art journal creation.

I also had some fun with some SPLASH! ink and some METALLIC! paint.

And then as a finishing touch I added some of the donuts ..... which then made me want to eat donuts!!!

The title comes from the amazing sticker sets. What I love most about this collections stickers is that you can mix and match the sayings. So that is how I came up with the title for this one "Awesome is a state of mind"

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Stay awesome my friends and I'll see you again soon. xx

Soul Journey 2018 FREE online class

Hello and welcome to 2018! What a smash this year is going to be!
First up I am kicking off the year with my tutorial for the oh so AWESOME Soul Journey 2018.

A little bit about Soul Journey 2018

Your hostesses for this mixed media course are Annette Poacher, Elisa Ablett, Tanya Froud and Deena Otway. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.

Soul Journey will run for the complete year with two artists per month sharing with you their art, talent and inspiration. You will find if you look under photos that there are albums for every teacher where you will find a bio and all their social media links. Please show them some Soul Journey love and follow them. In these albums you will be able to add photos of your art that you have created from their inspiration.

Once a week Annette, Elisa, Tanya or Deena will also share with you a tutorial. These tutorials are based around a quote/saying that we are calling soul starters. At the end of your journey you will have 52 cards that offer positivity, uplift your soul and give you something tangible to look through and connect with.

We are here to support each other so no negative comments, if can’t say something positive please scroll past.
We also have personal trainer on board whose experience lies within healthy eating for the mind, breathing exercises and ideas for exercise play a huge part in living a healthy life and thereby a healthy mind.
This is a group where you can share you stories so please if you feel comfortable do so.

This is where my Soul Journey began

Annette sent me a little package from the Art and Soul store, which was full of goodies for me to play with. You'll see me un-wrapping the parcel on the video (very entertaining)!!!

Then I went to work creating something from what she had sent me. I started thinking I'd make an art journal page and then tip it into my journal but things got a little out of hand ..... as they always do with me, and I ended up making a wall hanging.

And so is what you've been waiting for. Go make a cuppa, sit back and relax while you watch my 3 part (yes 3 part ...... I kinda got a bot carried away) tutorial. There is a supplies list in my "file" on the face book group page LINK HERE So if you want to make along with me you can have everything ready to go before hand, however there is no rush ..... that's the best thing about attending an online class. This tutorial will be available for as long as Youtube is alive!

Here are the links to the three parts.

If you have any questions or anything confuses you or doesn't make sense then please make a comment in my file and I will endeavor to get back to you as soon as I can. Tag me in the comment so I am notified or I might miss it.

Have fun my lovelies. I hope I don't ramble too much .... prone to a bit of a ramble .... really??? ....... Nah never!!!!

Share your creations for me to see in the file (LINK HERE) xxxxx 

My Last Donna Downey Artist Gang Video

Hello everyone. Well it's my last post for Donna Downey's Artist gang! What a ride it has been! Donna and Bill have been so supportive and it will be very sad saying goodbye to this gig. I've loved every minute of it and I've loved making videos for you guys. I will miss you all xxx

I have created a speed process video of a painting I made recently for my video this month. I love to try new ways of combining colours and this little project is the beginning of my "Horizon" serious.

I hope you enjoy it. it's a bit longer than my normal videos but I do enough rambling throughout for it to be fun to watch .... I hope!

Again thank you to ALL of you for your support over the last 12 months. It has been amazing. I hope one day to visit the US and join Donna in her new studio. It's definitely on my bucket list!

I hope you all had a very merry Christmas and you have an even better 2018! Good luck to the new gang! You are going to ROCK it xxx

13Arts Christmas Gift

Each year I like to make a little gift for someone at Christmas time. This year it's a little candle holder that I've altered.

I think it's always extra special to make something for your friends at Christmas time. it makes the gift giving that little bit more personal.

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December Challenge over at 7 Dots Studio

So it's challenge time over on the 7 Dots Studio blog. The theme is "Use Three Colours" and so I used Pink, purple and yellow and my main three colours. I wanted to use some of the new "Paint Chips" collection so this was a really easy task because the colours in that collection are AMAZEBALLS!!!

7 Dots Products Used:

13Arts Christmas Challenge

Over on the 13Arts blog we have a little challenge running with a Christmas theme. I made a card! I know, don't faint, it does happen sometimes. Of course it's nowhere near as magnificent as my team mates cards (they are AMAZING) but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out!

It goes to a very special friend of mine who, for years, has made me handmade Christmas cards. Time to repay the favour I think.

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new Year and I'll see you all again very soon xxxx

7 Dots Studio Journal Page

Hello today I'm here with you today to share a little art journal spread I have created using some of the 7 Dots Studio "Dreamscapes" collection.

I simply love the tags that 7 Dots Studio bring out with every collection. i find them so versatile for so many different reasons.

I use them in all of my creations from 12 x12 layouts to art journal pages just like this one"

I love the way they can be placed on a creation anywhere and they make the whole piece just shine!

7 Dots Studio products:

I find that of all the things I run out of first when creating with 7 Dots Studio collections, it's always the tags!!! Note to self ...... get more 7 Dots Studio tags!

Flower Pot pants for Viva Las Vegastamps!

Hello!! today to share a creepy little art journal page I created with the fabo stamps from Viva Las Vegas!

I call this one "Flower Pot Pants" LOL I just love these stripped leggings and I love to find weird and wonderful ways to use them in my art journal.

 And of course it wouldn't be a garden of flower pot pants if it didn't have a bird in it!! Right?? luckily VLVS has the best whimsical selection of birds to choose from that suit my weird O garden perfectly!

 I'm not much of a flower drawer but i can do abstract!! Which is exactly what this page needed.

VLVS products used:

Every time I pull out these striped leggings something weird happens and I LOVE it!!!
See you all again soon!!

Masked Ladies Art Journal Page for Donna Downey Studios

Hello .... today I'm here to share a little art journal page I've created with some of Donna's Signature designs for Artist Gang Tuesday.

I love to use old books for my art journals for a couple of reasons. Mostly because I love the old paper they have in them but with this book in particular, it's all about the gorgeous pictures in it. 

I hate covering them up all the time so my solution is to use a transparent paint and a mask to give me the option to keep some of the gorgeous pattern.

You can watch the video below to see how I work to keep this floral pattern and allow it to shine through in my final piece.


7 Dots Studio Vintage Art Piece

Hello I'm here with you today to show you a vintage ephemera piece I have created using the 7 Dots Studio Dreamscapes collection.

I have found that this collection lends itself perfectly to old ephemera and seeing I'm a HUGE fan of old ephemera this has been so enjoyable for me.

I used some watercolors to add some interest to the old music book title page that I have used as my centre piece. 

I incorporated lots of old bits and pieces of cloth as well as some of the patterned paper from the range. I also enhanced the piece with masking tape and some staples because I love both of these elements when working with a vintage rustic sort of piece.

I created a little feature on the right hand side by adding a tag from the 12x12 page. These tags are just so versatile. I find myself using them in all sorts of projects.

I hope this vintage art piece has given you some inspiration to try your own insinuative ephemera creation. I'll frame this one and hang it in my studio. See you all again soon xx

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